Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is A diarylheptanoid. About Two Centuries Ago, Isolation of a “yellow Coloring-matter” from the Rhizomes of Curcuma Longa (turmeric) & Was Named Curcumin.  Turmeric's other Two Curcuminoids are Desmethoxycurcumin and bis-desmethoxy- Curcumin. the Curcuminoids Are natural Phenols that are Responsible for the Yellow Color of Turmeric. Curcumin Can Exist in Several Tautomeric forms, Including a 1, 3-diketo form and Two Equivalent Enol Forms. the Enol Form is More Energetically Stable in the Solid Phase and in Organic Solvents, While in Water the 1, 3-diketo dominates. Curcumin Can Be Used For boron Quantification in the Curcumin Method. It Reacts With boric Acid to Form a Red-color Compound, Rosocyanine. Curcumin is a Bright-yellow Color Powder and May Be Used as A food Coloring. Curcumin is Powerful Anti-inflammatory Effects and is a Very Strong Antioxidant. Combat Cancer Stem Cells and Enhance Heart Health and Inhibit the Formation of Ldl (bad) Cholesterol.


Details :

  • Synonyms -  (1e, 6e)-1, 7-bis (4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl) Hepta-1, 6-diene-3, 5-dione
  • Cas Number -  458-37-7
  • Mol. Formula -  C21h20o6
  • Mol. Weight: 368.38.
  • It is Orange Crystalline Powder with Its Melting Point of 183 °C. It is Slightly Soluble in Hot Water
  • Standard -  Offered of Pharmaceutical Grade.
  • Packing -  Offered in Export Worthy Packing of 25 Kilos or as per Our Customer Requirements.


Cultivation Type Organic
Color Yellow
Processing Type Sun Dried
Packaging Plastic Bag, Plastic Pouch
Form Powder
Pack Size 100gm, 200gm

Molecular Structure

Molecular Structure

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