We are Offering Various Types of Antioxidants like Tbhq (tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone), Bha (butylated Hydroxy Anisole), Bht (butylated Hydroxy Toluene) Etc. We Can also Supply other Antioxidants On Specific Demand.

TBHQ a Highly Effective antioxidant in Foods, Used as A preservative for Unsaturated vegetable Oils and Many Edible Animal Fats.  It Can Be Combined with other Preservatives such As bha. Its Primary Advantage is Enhancing Storage Life. Synonyms: 2-tert-butylbenzene-1, 4-diol – Cas Number: 1948-33-0, Mol. Formula: C10h14o2, Mol. Weight: 166.22. It is White Crystalline Powder with Its Melting Range of 126°C -129°C. It is Insoluble in Water.

BHA (butylated Hydroxy Anisole) is An antioxidant consisting of a Mixture of Two isomeric organic Compounds, 2-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole and 3-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole. It is a Waxy Solid Used as Food Additive, Antioxidant & Preservative in Food, Food Packaging, Animal Feed, Cosmetics, Rubber, and Petroleum Products. bha also is Commonly Used in Medicines, such As isotretinoin,Lovastatin, And simvastatin, among Others.  Synonyms: 2-tert-butyl-4-methoxyphenol;3-tert-butyl-4-methoxyphenol-– Cas Number: 25013-16-5, Mol. Formula: C11h16o2, Mol. Weight: 180.24. It is White to Slightly Yellowpowder with Its Melting Range of 48°c -55°c. It is Insoluble in Water.

BHT (butylated Hydroxytoluene), also Known As dibutylhydroxytoluene, Useful for Its antioxidant properties. It is Used as Food Additive, Household Product Ingredient, Industrial Additive, Personal Care Product/cosmetic Ingredient, Pesticide Ingredient, Plastic/rubber Ingredient and Medical/veterinary/research.


Details :

  • Synonyms - 2-tert-butyl-4-methoxyphenol; 2,6-ditert-butyl-4-methylphenol
  • Cas Number - 128-37-0
  • Mol. Formula: C15h24o
  • Mol. Weight - 220.35.
  • It is White Crystalline Powder with Its Melting Range of 69°C -73°C. It is Insoluble in Water.
  • Standard - Offered of Food Grade FFC
  • Packing - Offered in Export Worthy Packing of 25 Kilos or as per Our Customer Requirements.

  • Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinon

  • Butylated Hydroxy Anisole

  • Butylated Hydroxy Toluen